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Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU

As a proud All-Inclusive business who supports the community, cares for the planet, and invests in local vendors, we are pretty great at recognizing, celebrating and bringing out the diverse and unique beauty that’s all around us. Our insanely talented, skilled and empathetic stylist team works one-on-one with our clients to ensure the fierce, drop-dead gorgeous person within them is what shines through in their outer self. We offer a supportive and encouraging space for trans clients ready to make style changes.

110 Jacob Fontaine Ln. Suite 500 Austin, TX 78752

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Apotheca Academy
For the Aspirational Artist

     We are the graduate school for stylists serious about leveling up. Come learn in-demand techniques, juice up your creativity, acquire clutch money-making skills and steer your career in the direction you want at our progressive and fun campus.

     Your instructors are real-world advanced artists who have achieved the career success you’d love to have. Who better to teach you how to keep your books maxed out with appreciative clients, willing to pay what you’re worth to do the services you love? Who better to advise you how to increase your income, starting now, with proven methods of selling more retail and add-ons? Who better to mentor you in how to work smarter, not harder, while chasing those passion projects that give you joy?


     Come grow into your amazing future self and contribute to our clever, weird and talented collective of artsy beauty fanatics.

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