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Hair stylist color specialist Austin aveda

Steffan Bentley

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As owner-founder of Apotheca Academy and Apotheca Salon & Barbershop in Austin, color educator, platform stylist and creative director Steffan Bentley strives morning til night to cultivate networks and systems of education, support, wellness and inspiration for everyone in his orbit, both in the beauty industry and beyond.

He’s dedicated to enriching his team in their careers; his students in their learning; his fellow salons in their teaching; his clients in their style journeys; and in uplifting nonprofits, community organizations, local artists and small businesses.


Elevating people, bringing amazing education to every stylist and salon, representing and furthering the LGBTQ+ community, making every client look and feel special and unique, and spreading good in the world is what Steffan is all about. He’s constantly on the lookout for opportunities for his team to shine creatively and push the envelope with their artistry and passion (and win amazing awards in the process!).

Iconic Looks From Steffan 

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